Problem tenants?

If you've got a tricky situation with tenants we can help. Our solicitors are specialists in landlord/tenant relations and recovering rent. They have a proven track record and with their support we're more than happy to take over the management of any problem tenancies you may have.

Housing benefit rates

Rates vary according to age, disability and geographic area. To find out more call for some basic guidance, or for an 'at a glance guide' see below.


Looking to buy a new rental property?

We're not just a letting agent. Excess Properties have the expertise to source properties, assess yields, negotiate the purchase and even oversee an agreement through to completion. In offering a fully rounded service, Excess Maintenance can help you ensure that your new property meets the standards to be successful on the rental market to achieve the maximum profit with the minimum capital. And finally, we can source and match the right tenant to ensure your investment starts making you a return as soon as possible. It's this fresh, dynamic approach and innovative thinking that sets Excess Properties apart from the crowd.